Building Restoration

St. Peters Church, Buckie: Text: The Twin Spires, Turrets and Tracery windows were the focus of attention on this 2013 restoration project. The Roman Catholic Church situated along the moray coast in Buckie was originally built as a cathedral and is one of the highest buildings in Moray. The height and position of the building leaves it open to severe weather beatings, especially on its higher elevations.

All joints were raked clean, re-pointed and grouted in as hard a lime mortar mix as the sandstone would allow. Stones which were eroded by the weather, in some cases to a dangerous state, were replaced by new Cop Crag sandstone. New Indents on the spires, Corners, Mullions, Cills were added with new floral finials and large ornate Tracery window sections. A few of the Turrets required taking down and re-building and all wooden Louvre’s were preserved. The work had taken 8 months to complete.